Experience Krakow Festival 20-21 September 2019 Edinburgh


Join us to celebrate the long partnership of two of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Krakow and Edinburgh, with a weekend full of fun activities for all ages including a guitar quartet concert and picnic family fun day at the #KrakówExperience Festival in Edinburgh.

Cracow Guitar Quartet – Concert opening ‘Experience Kraków Festival’
Friday, 20 September, 7pm
St Giles’ Cathedral, High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1RE

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Cracow Guitar Quartet have performed at the world’s most prestigious guitar music festivals from masterpieces to enchanting folk-based compositions, all being performed in the new intriguing sound of four classical guitars.

#KrakowExperience – Family Fun Picnic
Saturday 21st September 10am-4pm
West Parliament Square, High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1RE

Free event, booking is optional: here

Kids and adults alike will be able to take part in a wide range of activities including crafts, games and hands-on lace making workshops. Learn about ancient Polish baking traditions, listen to Polish tales, see a beautiful theatrical play, have an opportunity to learn traditional Polish dances and taste Polish delicacies and to visit market stalls with food, drink and crafts.

To mark this occasion Edinburgh will receive a unique gift from Krakow – a recipe for ‘Cracoviana – Polish-Scottish Pretzel’ crafted by a cracovian culinary master Adam Chrząstowski. The gift will be presented to the Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh Council Rt Hon Frank Ross by Deputy Mayor of Krakow Mr Jerzy Muzyk.

The famous Polish legend about the mythical dragon who once lived in a cave at the foot of Wawel Hill, under the castle in Krakow, on the banks of the River Vistula. Let us take you back in time with this medieval story where history mixes with legend.

Decorations for our show are designed and made by artists from Hand painting & decoupage. They will be with us the whole day with their market stall, where you will be able to find a fantastic, Krakow themed art craft.

Also, we will be joined by writer Justyna Majewska and you will be able to buy her lovely book The Wawel Dragon: The old Polish Legend.

What happens on STAGE

10.00 a.m. START!
10.10 a.m. 1.00 p.m. 3.15 p.m. In the Polish Manor House – Cracovia Danza Court Ballet
10.30 a.m. Krakow and Edinburgh – history of partnership
10.45 a.m. Scottish tartan for Krakow – tartan presentation by Alex Imrie
11.00 a.m. 12.15 p.m. 1.30 p.m. 2.30 p.m. 3.00 p.m. Legends and stories about Krakow plus… competitions and prizes!
11.15 a.m. Wawel Dragon – a performance by The Mirror of Stage Polish Theatre in Edinburgh
12.30 p.m. SURPRISE – a special gift from Krakow for Edinburgh
12.40 p.m. 2.00 p.m. Stories of the Krakow Obwarzanek – Living Museum of Obwarzanek
1.45 p.m. Lajkonik Dance by ”Ojczyzna” Polish dance ensemble in Edinburgh
2.15 p.m. About the partnership of Edinburgh and Krakow – Izabella Brodzińska, Chairperson of the Scottish-Polish Cultural Association
2.45 p.m. Learn to dance the Krakoviak – Cracovia Danza Court Ballet
3.30 p.m. History of the Edinburgh obwarzanek and presentation of the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture – Kraków 2019

Illustration Workshop with Marcin Surma and Artur Wabik
Saturday 21st September
11 am – 12.30pm (in Polish)
2 pm – 3.30 pm (in English)
Central Library George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EG

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Join Marcin Surma and Artur Wabik at a cartoon workshop and create a cartoon ‘I am the city.
Krakow and Edinburgh.’ For children over 10, (in English).



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