About the Scottish Polish Cultural Association

Chairperson: Mrs Izabella Brodzinska

The aim of the Scottish Polish Cultural Association is to introduce Poland and Polish culture to Scottish people and to make Scotland more accessible for Polish visitors and emigrants.

We organise exhibitions, performances, excursions and events such as lectures, meetings, national celebrations etc.

We use English as the main language for all events in order to make it easier for our friends who represent many different nationalities.

Membership of the Association shall be open to any person of any nationality and wherever resident.

The Aims & Objectives

  1. The promotion of friendship and understanding between the peoples of Scotland and Poland through personal contact and cultural exchange.
  1. To promote and develop public knowledge and information in and of these countries.
  1. To foster and develop an awareness of Polish culture and identity to younger generation of Scots with Polish descent.
  1. To provide the Polish people arriving in this country with information about culture, customs and life in Scotland to enable them to intergrade in the community.
  1. The objectives shall be achieved through non-political activities such as: concerts, exhibitions, films, lectures, dances, social evenings, outings etc.

Office Bearers - April 2021

Chaiperson: Mrs Izabella Brodzinska
Vice-Chairperson: Mr Keith Mullins-MacIntyre

Secretary: Mrs Gabriela Ingle
Minutes Secretary: Mrs Kiro Zabinska-MacIntyre
Treasurer: Mr Pawel Kopec

Committee members

Mrs Jola Debicka-MacLennan

Mrs Barbara Nowosielska-Conboy

Ms Anna Ruszel

Ms Krystyna Szumelukowa

Honorary President: Dr Colin Kingsley
Honorary Vice-President: Mr Michael Borland
Honorary Vice-President: Mrs Elizabeth Rychlik-Sharp

Past Committee Members

Past Committee Members