City Lights- Photography exhibition

Date: 9th – 28th september 2014
 Central Library, 7-9 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EG [mezzanine level]
Tickets: Free.

Photographs – Alex Ingle, Music – Paweł Odorowicz

2014 marks the 15th year of the partnership between Edinburgh and Krakow. We are celebrating the anniversary with this modern project which combines the work of two artists: photographer Alex Ingle from Edinburgh and musician Paweł Odorowicz from Krakow.

Dynamic streams of light represent the deep bond and energy flowing between our two great cities, our history, our culture and our people. The light, a visual representation of the city partnership, and the music that brings it to life, present Edinburgh and Krakow as one connected being – from head to toe.

The project used a photographic technique commonly referred to as ‘light painting’ which combines long exposures with a moving source of light. Whether this is a torch, a glowstick or a 1-metre strip of programmable LEDs, by moving the light source through the frame while the camera’s shutter is open, you are left with a glowing trail of light in the finished photograph. For ‘City Lights’, we created a custom made ‘light painting’ tool which is comprised of a programmable LED strip, a lightweight metal housing, a light diffusion panel and a battery pack. When turned on, the LEDs are transitioned through a series of colours. This was moved through the scene by hand, leaving a rainbow-like pattern of light on the camera’s sensor. The camera used was a Nikon D800, and the lenses varied between a 14-24 and 24-70 mm f2.8

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