The Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh presents a peek into multicultural representation
of spirituality through words, movement and music:


Date: October 2nd 2014, 6pm
Italian Cultural Institute, 82 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh
Tickets: Free.

Date: October 3rd – 4th 2014, 7.30pm
Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh
Tickets: £10 (£7 concessions) for both days


October 2nd 2014, 6pm, Italian Cultural Institute
Mystic Hymns of Sufi Poets: Latif Bolat, Turkish Singer, Composer & Scholar of Turkish Music & Folklore
In an Occupied Land: Antonio Pacitti, Exhibition

October 3rd 2014, 7.30pm-9pm, Assembly Roxy
Memories and Light: Lisa Borgiani
Russkaya Cappella: Russian Choir
Flamenco Puro – The spiritual side of Flamenco: Diego Scotti and Tote Conte
With special piano comments by: Lorenzo Rossi

October 4th 2014, 7.30pm-9pm, Assembly Roxy
Reflections: Merav Israel and LaNua Company
Gillywolfe, Folk duo
Polish songs & Dances in traditional costumes: 5 Polish Dancers
Dervish Dance – Sema
Polish Religion & Culture: Alex Ingle
With special piano comments by Lorenzo Rossi

In collaboration with:
The Scottish Polish Cultural Association
Scotland – Russia Forum

Supported by: The University of Edinburgh
For further information and details about the events, please visit our website:

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