Ode to Autumn: Chopin in Scotland in 1848

The Edinburgh Society of Musicians has kindly shared with us a link to a short film about Chopin’s visit to Scotland.
Seen through the mind’s eye of Jane Stirling, the film presents a story about the brilliant composer Frédéric Chopin visiting Scotland in autumn 1848. It incorporates recorded piano performances of Chopin’s music and a cinematic representation of Chopin’s journey through Scotland.
Written, Produced and Directed by Alexandra Liao-An Huang
Frédéric Chopin acted by Artūrs Kokins
All performances recorded at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Ledger Recital Room, and the Edinburgh Society of Musicians at 3 Belford Road

Click here to view the film

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  1. Lovely film. What a clever idea to filter it through the eyes of Jane Stirling.
    Somewhat romanticised image of Chopin at that stage, though, as he was only a year from death, very ill, weak, and depressed after the break-up with Sand. He certainly did not look young and fresh like that!
    The large Steinway sounded woefully out of tune to me – unless it was an acoustical deficiency somewhere – but the young pianist was very accomplished indeed.
    Enjoyed this.

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