Young Talent Concert


Scottish-Polish Cultural Association would like to invite you for our annual:

Young Talent CONCERT

Sunday 30th September 2018 at 16:30

Edinburgh Society of Musicians
3 Belford Road,
Edinburgh, EH4 3BL

Like every year for over 20 years the Young Talent Concert has been organised where musically talented children aged 10-18 will take part. We cordially invite children who can play musical instruments as well as children who have a good voice and sing well.

We would be happy to see not only great participants but also people who would like to join us as an audience and enjoy spectacular performances.

This year thanks to cooperation with our friends from Polish-Scottish Book Club “Zielony Balonik” we will have opportunity to combine music with poetry to make this evening even more magical!

We are extremly happy to announce Ken Cockburn as our special guest who is going to present some of the fine works of well known Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert.


Ken Cockburn is a poet based in Edinburgh, who works regularly with schools. His work with secondary schools includes sessions considering the poems of Czesław Miłosz (2011) and Zbigniew Herbert (2018), organised with the help of Zielony Balonik. His new collection of poems “Floating the Woods” appeared in spring 2018, followed by “Heroines from Abroad”, translations from German of poems by Christine Marendon.

Kenneth Cockburn

Kenneth Cockburn

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